Milyn Jensen
Full Name Milyn Jensen
Nickname(s) Mimi

The Star Chaser

Gender Female
Age 24
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Affiliation(s) Bad Girls Club : Miami
First Episode "Premature Evacuation"
Last Episode "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Reason Removed from the house for starting a physical altercation with Sarah and scratched Sarah's eye during the altercation
Milyn Jensen from "Bad Girls Club: Miami 2013" is one of the bad girls in Season 11 of the Oxygen reality series. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Milyn Jensen is known for "allegedly" sleeping with some of the top celebrities in the entertainment, sports, and adult film industries. Attracted to the glitz and glam of Los Angeles, she hopes to fit in well in Miami. Small in size and big in personality, she is used to trash talk and jealousy from other women and expects nothing less from the other girls in the house.