Lea Beaulieu
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Full Name Lea Lorraine Beaulieu
Nickname(s) The South Beach Rebel
Gender Female
Age 24
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Job Reality Star
Affiliation(s) The Bad Girls Club (Season 5)

Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too

First Episode "Welcome To Miami Beyotch"
Last Episode "Reunion Part II" (Reunion)
Lea Lorraine Beaulieu from "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too" is one of the three former "Bad Girls" who are competing and searching for the man of their dreams on the Oxygen reality dating competition series. Lea Lorraine Beaulieu was originally on "Bad Girls Club: Miami," Season 5 of the Oxygen reality series. Lea ("Bad Girls Club 5") is from South Beach, Florida. "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too"

Fresh from season 5, "Bad Girls Club Miami," Lea Lorraine Beaulieu is single for the first time in years after her six-year relationship ended. She also ended a year-long affair with a married man after flying to Vegas and having a change of heart about marrying him. Lea claims to be a hopeless romantic who is looking for an outdoorsy, good-looking guy who will make her laugh. She has a strong distaste for anything she deems commercial or fake and has no time for insecure guys. Not the typical glam gal, this tattooed wild child has transformed from a once reserved girl into the one who is "always the loudest in the room and the first to get naked."

"Bad Girls Club: Miami"

Lea Lorraine Beaulieu is not the typical glam gal. This anti-priss is heavily tattooed and pierced, with fervor for action. Moving to Miami as a child after being raised by her Brazilian mother in San Francisco, Lea's inner wild child was unleashed and has been rocking out ever since. Life in Miami has transformed this once reserved girl into the one who is "always the loudest in the room and the first to get naked."