Joanna Hernandez
Nickname(s) Cocktail
Gender Female
Age 29
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Job Reality Star

Go Go Dancer

Social Worker

Affiliation(s) The Bad Girls Club (Season 1)

For The Love Of Ray J (Winner)

First Episode "Kiss & Tell"
Last Episode "Shrink Wrapped: Reunion"
Reason Season ended

Joanna Hernandez, aka Cocktail, is the winner of VH1's reality dating competition series, "For the Love of Ray J." She is a social worker and a go-go dancer from Sacramento, California. She is 26 years old.

Joanna "Cocktail" Hernandez says that she can be very vengeful and should never be crossed. Cocktail claims that men tend to tell her they love her within a week of dating. She says she's been single for the past three years.