Gina Lopez
Full Name Gina Lopez
Nickname(s) Gigi

The Brooklyn Baller

Gender Female
Age 23
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Job Bartender
Affiliation(s) Bad Girls Club: Miami
First Episode "Premature Evacuation"
Last Episode TBA
Gina "Gigi" Lopez from "Bad Girls Club: Miami 2013" is one of the bad girls in Season 11 of the Oxygen reality series. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Gina "Gigi" Lopez is a bilingual spicy South American spitfire. She holds her friends to the highest standards, and only rolls with girls who are good looking, wealthy and loyal. Gina works hard selling life insurance, but has a love for fashion, decorating, and aspires to be a fashion stylist. Her work hard, play harder lifestyle is supported by a bartending gig that pays for her nights out clubbing.