Ashley King
Nickname(s) The Bombshell
Gender Female
Age 22
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Job Reality Star
Affiliation(s) The Bad Girls Club (Season 6)
First Episode "Pool Charks"
Last Episode "Weak Sauce" (left early)

"Reunion: Part 2" (Returned for Reunion)

Reason Season ended
Ashley King from "Bad Girls Club: Back to LA," who's nicknamed "The Bombshell," is one of the bad girls in Season 6 of the Oxygen reality series. Ashley ("Bad Girls Club 6") replaced Jade Bennett on the show, midway through the season. Ashley is from Norfolk, Virginia. She is 22 years old. Ashley King says "being pretty is a job." She also says, "Everybody says I look arrogant and cocky...I'm not a bad girl; I'm a bad b*tch." She goes on, "I try not to fight, but if I feel disrespected, I'm gonna diss back in one way or another."